1/700 HMS Conqueror Vignette

Here’s another completion from the shelf-of-shame. This is a 1/700 representation of HMS Conqueror returning to Faslane in July 1982, after her involvement in the Falklands War earlier that year. If you’re old enough you’ll remember the hugely controversial sinking of the Argentinian cruiser ARA General Belgrano, and the huge loss of life.

The submarine itself is a very simple kit, consisting of the casing and an optional ‘sail’ depending on whether the modeller prefers the masts raised or lowered. (The box has long-since disappeared so I have no idea who made the kit.) Orange Hobby’s Bruiser and Rowangarth tugs are in resing, with eye-wateringly small photo-etched metal parts. The crew figures are 3D printed by a company called 3D Model Parts (if I remember correctly).

The sea is made from AMMO MiG Acrylic water “Deep Oceans” with a darkblue oil was and sky blue and white highlights.

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