Not the sharpest tool in the box, but definitely the oldest.

I saw a thread on a forum a few weeks ago discussing the age of tools that people were still using. This got me thinking abot my own collection, and what might be the oldest piece of kit I’ve got. I’m pretty sure it’s this, which is an old butter knife my grandad gave me when I started ‘Airfixing’ in the 70s. It had already lost its handle, which is why I was allowed to use it to open Humbrol paint tinlets, and nearly fifty years later I still do.

Both sides were like this last week, with 5 decades of paint and glue scarring it, but last week I spent half an hour cleaning and polishing the hallmarked side. (Yes, it is solid silver.) I had imagined it was much older but the first hallmark seems to mean it was made in England in 1973. A very enjoyable process, bringing back lots of memories of childhood and my long deceased grand parents.

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