Humphrey is finished

Here’s a quick shot of the finished Wessex HAS.3 ‘Humphrey’. You can read about why this aircraft is so famous if you google for it in relation to South Georgia and Fortuna Glacier. (I know the cargo door handle is not painted, before anyone starts! It will be sorted soon.)

My next project is extremely exciting. Over the last few weeks I’ve been following the @WarDiaryF82 on Twitter as they tweet the events of the Falklands War in real time. (If you don’t know, this has been a major source of interest for me since I was 12 years old, following the events day by day in 1982.) Through this account I gained several new followers, and followed back. One of them posted a picture of the real Dagger (C-407) that you can see in the Finished Models section. I tweeted a picture of my model to compare with the real thing.

A day later Daniel tweeted back to say that he had shown the pictures to an Argentinian pilot who had flown C-407 on a mission against the British on 1st May, a few days before it was destroyed by a Sea Harrier. The pilot is named Cesar Roman, and was impressed by the model, and asked where he could get one. After explaining I’d built it, he asked if I could make another, and now I have what is effectively my first commission! (It won’t be paid work, I’ll send it to Cesar as gift.) So exciting to think that one of my models will soon be in the home of one of the very people who took part in events I’ve spent decades researching. (I do have to solve the problem of getting it safely to the other side of the South Atlantic though!) I’ll be starting in the coming days, so if you are interested give the blog a follow to keep up to date.

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