1/48 MB.339

FREMS’ 1/48 MB.339. I believe this is the only kit FREMS ever issued. It’s very well done, with great details, lots of marking choices, and even turned brass gun barrels.
I’ve completed it as A-115 as flown by Teniente de Navio Owen Crippa. On the morning of 21st May 1982 Argentinian troops around San Carlos Water reported they we watching British ships coming in to the Sound. It was decided to launch an armed recon mission and two MB.339s were briefed to take off from Port Stanley airfield. The aircraft of Crippa’s wingman went unservicable so he took off alone. Along his route Crippa encountered HMS Argonaut and gainst heavy AA fire pressed home an attack with rockets and 30mm guns., damaging the ship and wounding several crew. Crippa had remain at low level to evade small arms, AA and SAM fire, but managing to take in enough detail to provide a detailed report, used as the basis for the ensuing FAA attacks. Teniente Crippa was awarded the Medalla al Heroico Valor en Combate.
I’ve replaced the seats, added the Eduard cockpit details, and some of their PE to the exterior.